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Marble is a more porous and less compact stone than granite. As a result it will ultimately stain and scratch. For these reasons we do not recommend the use of marble in a kitchen.

We do our best to use good quality photos that reflect as closely as possible the end product. However, lighting or equipment (cameras, monitors, etc…) may alter end result. The same goes for our samples. Since a sample only shows a very small part of an actual slab it is very likely (depending on the granite) that you will have spots, streaks, or variations of some sort in the end product which were nonexistent in the sample. Granite or marble  is and remains a natural stone with unique characteristics.

We do our best to use good quality photos that reflect as closely as possible the end product. However, lighting or equipment (cameras, monitors, etc…) may alter end result. The same goes for our samples. Since a sample only shows a very small part of an actual slab it is possible to have variations of some sort in the end product which were nonexistent in the sample.

Even with a polished finish, some granites may have pits. These pin like holes are natural particualirties along with fissures. These characteristics can be more or less prevalent depending on the granite and more or less visible depending on the lighting of the room.

We apply a sealant to all our countertops at the plant. A second treatment must be applied once the countertops have been installed as per instructed in the maintenance kit. With normal care and use it is unlikely you will ever stain your granite.

Our installers have the knowledge and expertise to tackle most stains. A service fee will be charged.

It all depends on your use of the countertops. An easy way to know when to seal it ? Sprinkle some water onto the countertop. If the droplets bead on the surface you are good to go. However if the colour of the granite darkens then it is absorbing the water. You need to seal your countertops.

Not generally. However, if the structural design of the cabinets is deficient then there is a risk for the countertops to develop cracks over time. It is important to make sure that the cabinets are structurally sound and level.

Under normal care and use, both materials are scratch proof. However dropping heavy objects or pots and pans against the surface or particularly the edge of the countertops could chip the stone. Our installers have the knowledge and expertise to make the necessary repairs. Service fee applies.

Note: Quartz countertops cannot be repolished.

The average granite slab measures 113″ long by 60″ wide. When pricing any project we must consider the length and width of the counters along with the size of the slabs in stock. And, yes, adding a seam or two is sometimes unavoidable. In some cases we may have to add a seam to facilitate handling of the counters, i.e., elevators, narrow staircases, etc…. We make sure to indicate the location of each seam on the drawing that is attached to the estimate you will be sent.

It is impossible to make totally invisible seams, however Granit Plus makes it a point to make them as thin as possible. The result is a very thin line of less than 1/16″. Still too obvious ? Then have a look at our Spectra Seam it will surprise you !

We use 30mm with a variation of  3mm (1 1/4″) thick granite and quartz. Backsplashes are 20mm (3/4″) unless otherwise specified.

About 18 lbs per square foot for a thickness of 1 1/4″ (30mm).

You may need to reinforce the cabinets depending on the type of cabinets in your home. This is especially true in renovation projects. If you have frame-type cabinets you will definitely need to reinforce them. On the other hand, if you have modular type cabinets it will not be necessary. In either case you must make sure that the cabinets are level.

The prices of granite or quartz vary in range depending on the origin or the brand. You must also consider the type of edge you are looking for and the options and services you require. Each project is unique so it is best to submit a drawing in order to get accurate pricing.

Both are very hard materials. The main difference concerns heat resistance. Because quartz is an agglomerate (mix of quartz particles and resin) it has a lower resistance to extreme or direct heat. You should not place very hot containers such as pots, pans or other directly onto quartz countertops.

No. It is often the opposite that occurs.

It is not necessary as quartz is a composite and contains resin.

You have three choices :

  1. Contact our customer service department to locate your nearest retailer or salesperson.
  2. Go to our Laval or Québec  City showroom,  or directly to our plant in St-Sebastien,  Frontenac;
  3. Send a sketch or drawing to our estimating department by email or fax and make sure to indicate:
    • the measurement of the walls alonside your counters;
    • the colour
    • the edge type
    • the type of sink (top mount, undermount, single, double, etc…)
    • the type of range (standard, cook-top, etc…)
    • your name, location (city) and phone or cell-phone numbers.

Our technician will perform the templating with a digital arm. This will ensure a perfect fit of the countertops alongside the walls. Note: For renovation projects it is not necessary to remove the existing countertops to take the measurements.

Yes. The owner or a representative must be present when our technician performs the templating. Also make sure that faucets, sinks, basins, cook-top or range are on site.

De plus, le client est responsable de s’assurer que les accès (entrée, escaliers, etc.) sont dégagés et sécuritaires, surtout dans les mois d’hiver, sans quoi la livraison / installation se verra automatiquement reportée et des frais vous seront chargés. Les installateurs enlèveront leurs couvre-chaussures mais n’enlèveront pas leurs bottes pour des raisons de sécurité.

The owner or a representative must clear all access (entryway, stairs, etc.), especially in winter, time to prevent safety hazard.  Deliverie and/or installation will automatically be deferred to a later date if safety conditions are not met and a penalty fee will be charged.

t is possible to select your slab. However before coming to our plant (St-Sebastien, Frontenac) you must make an appointment with our customer service department in order for us to prepare the material.

We require a deposit upon signature of the contract. The balance must be paid in full on delivery. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AccèsD direct payment and cheques.

About 10 to 12 open days following receipt of the final measurements.

Undermount type sinks will be installed with proper hardware by our installers. No plumbing included in this service. Our installers are not authorized to perform plumbing work.

Top mount sinks must be installed by the owner or his contractor.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project you can estimate between one and a half to three hours (1:30 to 3:00 hours)