Granite characteristics


Where does Granite come from?

The granites we use mostly come from : Canada, USA, Italy, India, South Africa, Brazil, Norway.

In what thickness is granite available?

Slabs are 30mm (1 1/4″) thick with a tolerance of ± 1 to 3mm.

Granite weighs 18 lbs per square foot.

What is the size of the blocks and slabs?

Slabs average between 55″ to 82″ (wide) x 104″ to 133″ (long) depending on the size of the blocks quarried. Slab dimensions may vary according to the colour and lot number.

Natural stone characteristics

Granite is and remains a natural stone with unique characteristics. It is normal to encounter certain forms of visual imperfections on occasion. Some granites may have : dark spots of various shapes or sizes, streakspinholes or micro-seams. These are all natural occurrences. The incidence may vary according to the type of granite, and may be more or less visible depending on the global lighting, but none of these affect the quality or the durability of the granite. These are simply distinctive marks for those who appreciate natural beauty.

These are a few examples of the type of visual markings on certain granites.